is owned by Bei Dou Xing Science & Tenchnology Development Co. Ltd. a company founded in 1996 with a vision of developing novel and technologically advanced signage products. Today, is a well-recognised brand name in the industry, our company one of the leading manufacturers. products are embraced by hundreds of customers in more than seventy countries. While we specialise in scrolling advertising signs and offer the most comprehensive range of scrolling advertising products, we incessantly strive to diversify and expand our product range to meet the ever-exacting market demands.


BeiDouXing Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd. / BDX Signs (Hong Kong) Co.

A: Unit 3. Second Floor, Building A, 2 Tao Wan Industrial Park. Cha Jiao, Li Wan District,Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

T: + 86 20 81585863  E: sales@bdxsigns.com sales@bdx.net.cn

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